About Cuphead Remake 3D

In the game Cuphead Remake 3D you will find the exciting adventures of a tough kid named Cuphead modeled on the cartoon from the 1930s. The main character embarks on a journey in which he Expect many exciting adventures! Have you decided to go with him and make some noise?

The story begins in a picturesque clearing, where Cuphead is waiting for the waves to arrive. When the guy with our cup of coffee appeared in the clearing, they hid behind the bushes and prepared to attack. You have the ability to open fire and eliminate creatures from afar when enemies are just running. This way, they won't be able to harm you. But there is another type of enemy that uses their weapons. These enemies are capable of wounding Caphead from a considerable distance. Therefore, you must be extremely cautious. Wish you have fun playing and good luck!

How To Play

  • Hover the mouse to look around.
  • Use WASD or arrows to move.
  • Click to shoot.
  • Space key to jump and Shift to run.

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