About Doomsday Zombie TD

Doomsday Zombie TD is an entertaining tower defense game in which your mission is to eliminate waves of zombies to protect your castle from terrible enemies. Every major city has been overrun by zombies. The survivors gathered into small areas, separated from the outside world by high fences.

Defending your fortress from relentless waves of savage zombie attacks is your paramount goal in this game. Building, tower, armory, and troop upgrades are all upgradeable, depending on your defense plan. The stakes are high when you plan to increase your defenses, strengthen your weapons, and fortify your army and buildings. To do this, merge two towers of the same level as quickly as possible, but fill any gaps that appear; otherwise, zombies will be able to violate Doomsday Zombie TD. Stop the zombie hordes and defend your land, you command your army to victory with every tap. Have fun in this thrilling test of your mettle as you use your strategic acumen and combat ability to overcome the apocalypse.

How To Play

  • Click to aim and shoot the target.

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