About Hero Wizard: Save Your Girlfriend

Hero Wizard: Save Your Girlfriend is an incredible action game where you will have to find your way through the enchanted forest and overcome your opponents. You must remember that the only thing you need to do is save the princess, so you must be careful and put in your best efforts to overcome each obstacle.

When young magician Robin wakes up in the morning, he discovers that his girlfriend has disappeared without a trace. His discovery of a piece of paper on his desk leads him to discover that it has been taken by a dark wizard. While controlling your character, you will navigate through the forest and assist him in overcoming the many challenges and traps encountered along the way. On the journey there will be monsters waiting for the hero to arrive. Under your direction, the sorcerer will take them down using his magical talents. This will help you earn points in the game Hero Wizard: Save Your Girlfriend, which you can use to get rewards.

Main characteristics

  • Engage in narrative mode that provides narration of the entire game.
  • The combat mechanism is turn-based and requires your strategy when playing.
  • You must amass a collection of powerful monsters and heroes to take down your enemies.

How To Play

  • Move with WASD key or mouse click.

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