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Welcome to the fighting game Kick The Zombie JulGames, in this game you have to try to fight against the dead who have risen from their graves. A total of eight distinct weapons are available to purchase, including swords, hammers, axes, bows, shotguns, Kalashnikovs, saws and even grenades! Conquer your enemy until he breaks into a million pieces!

To fight zombies, you can buy a variety of weapons. You will have to use your hands to meet the zombies at the beginning of the game, and you will have to deliver deadly punches to them like you would punch a punching bag! Additionally, you have the ability to throw enemies into walls, ceilings, and other objects by holding down the left mouse button. As you progress through the levels, the zombies will become stronger and harder to defeat. Take advantage of the most advanced techniques to crop, use and combine many random things! Coins will drop from the reanimated corpse whenever you kick it, and you can use these coins to buy new weapons of your choice. Try playing Kick The Zombie JulGames now to have lots of fun!


How To Play

  • Click or tap the screen to hit zombies.

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