About Noob: Zombie Prison Escape

Noob: Zombie Prison Escape is a fun action game in which you must use your parkour talents to climb the breakthroughs as you assist Noob in his escape. There are a total of ten stages and six challenges to conquer, where you'll use crossbows to take down enemies, flames to complete objectives, and other tools to get through blocks of matter.

With your help, the main character in the game must escape his cell and navigate dark poles similar to mazes. Each level requires you to complete different tasks while technically searching each room for hidden treasures. There are gold coins hidden in wooden crates; explore them. To open other locked areas, they may be required. Never give up if you don't win; Free rewards will allow you to continue playing. If you pay with revenge, you can neutralize them with its help. However, be careful not to miss out because the number of arrows will be limited. Eliminate zombies, solve strange puzzles and overcome all obstacles on your way to freedom!


How To Play

  • WASD/arrow keys = move
  • E key = interact/pick up items
  • Keys 1-3/ Q = change weapon
  • Mouse = attack/perform a punch.

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