About Offline FPS Royale

Offline FPS Royale is a new 3D shooting game that helps you fight while eliminating every individual you meet in your dangerous adventure. You have to take on different game maps and complete each level while keeping moving and shooting all the enemies before they attack you.

As you perform each mission, the map will shrink. You have to eliminate all your opponents by shooting them. Reduced number of encounters with hostile forces on the map! Taking down more and more people will get you one step closer to completing the map. Play as a stealth assassin with the most exciting sniper shooting experience, you can take down enemies from any angle in Offline FPS Royale game. Being confident in your ability to shoot bots is a mistake! In any case, they pose a serious threat, so pay attention to the most basic things. Make sure you shoot first and avoid being harmed.

How To Play

  • WASD = army navigation
  • Spacebar = jump
  • Shift = run fast
  • R = weapon reload
  • Click = aim/shoot

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