About Slenderman Must Die: Hell Fire

Slenderman Must Die: Hell Fire will take you into a horrifying nightmare! The fearsome demon from hell will come and be a harbinger of impending doom. But that won't happen unless brave heroes face the danger head-on.

You will play the role of a daredevil in this adventure and to find Infernal Slender, you must go on a hunt. After being enveloped in demonic fire, this monster will flee from you, leaving behind the undead. To evade demonic monsters, players must engage in combat with both the living and the dead. Keep using up your energy until you face the Boss one last time in Slenderman Must Die: Hell Fire. A hasty decision can lead to your danger at the hands of this fierce enemy and every action has immediate consequences. With a scary atmosphere and strategic gameplay, this is definitely one of those survival games that stays with you.

How To Play

  • WASD = move around
  • Mouse = to observe/shoot
  • Mouse wheel = change weapon
  • G = use grenades
  • R = upload
  • F = see map
  • Shift left = run
  • Space = jump

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