About Space Strike: Galaxy Shooter

Space Strike: Galaxy Shooter is a famous 2D space shooting game in which you will become a legendary pilot to save the world from alien invasion. Experience the thrill of piloting a formidable spaceship through thrilling aerial combat.

In this galactic shooter, you control a spaceship and must eliminate hordes of aliens before the bad guys can take over the galaxy. As you fight to stop your enemies from taking over the galaxy, the stakes in Space Strike are high. To survive and win against the relentless onslaught of enemies, you must meticulously plan your every move. Defend the universe from cosmic threats so that planets and civilizations can survive. Your strategic prowess will be tested by the unique challenges each planet presents. Your actions will determine the fate of the galaxy, as enemy forces are determined to dominate the galaxy, and only a skilled pilot like you can stop it. Let's start experiencing this game right away!

How To Play

  • Click and move the mouse to adjust the shooting direction.

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