About Squid Operator Hunt

In Squid Operator Hunt, you play as a secret agent tasked with infiltrating the Squid game to eliminate the guard before the game restarts and stops the game. Replenish your health with medical kits scattered throughout the level, and you can get enough ammunition to complete the game by collecting bullets.

Always have your weapons ready; You never know when an enemy might be lurking around the corner. You must reach the island and defeat a group of masked soldiers stationed at the harbor before continuing. You can quickly eliminate all opponents at the entrance to the underground complex with your shotguns and assault rifles, which is a lucky development of Squid Operator Hunt. When you reach the balcony, eliminate all the snipers before the rule violator can shoot the player. To make sure no one gets hurt while playing, you need to go to the control panel and exchange all the candies before the players continue to the next room. But you better believe they will fight you!

How To Play

  • WASD/ arrow = move
  • Click = shoot
  • R key = reload
  • Keys 1-2 = change weapons
  • Shift = run
  • Click F = interactive
  • Press C = crouch
  • L key = lock/unlock cursor.

Our Shooting collection is always updated with new games to serve you, such as Squid Game Challenge Online or Squid Escape Bloody Revenge. Wishing good luck to you!


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