About Stickman Jailbreak Story

In the thrilling puzzle game Stickman Jailbreak Story, players are tasked with helping Stick escape from the maze of difficult puzzles. Play as the stickman and guide him through the strangest rooms filled with bizarre stories!

Players must meticulously investigate each room of the prison, searching for clues by analyzing artifacts and paying attention to every detail. Puzzles, traps and various goods can be found in each room and your goal is to find the way out. To overcome each obstacle and achieve freedom in Stickman Jailbreak Story, players must carefully select and use objects on the screen. Players need to be very careful and attentive because wrong decisions can be dangerous. While aiming to take down the officers, try not to wipe out the entire planet. Are you ready to overcome this scary maze?


  • The plot is thrilling and humorous.
  • Infinite options with different results.
  • Many horror elements.

How To Play

  • Click to guide Stick through the maze.

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