About Stickman Leave Prison

Stickman Leave Prison is an exciting adventure in which you must stay one step ahead of the guards to lead the character to the end of the level. Take control of running and jumping in this platform adventure game and complete all the courses.

Once they find the right colored key to open the door, you must lead them to the end of the level. Unlock better skins by collecting coins scattered throughout the level. Jump and avoid obstacles to reach your destination safely as you navigate the game. To avoid falling into holes, use platforms that can move in any direction. Be wary of law enforcement!

Use Stickman's help

Create up to two exits in every level. Separate containers for blue and orange. If there are two doors, there must be two keys. You can't open them until you have the key. Make sure you get both courses, otherwise you'll have to go back and try again.

Stickman Leave Prison levels

The courses will provide dollar bills that can be used to purchase new skins for your two characters. Each of the fifteen levels has a unique and more challenging course. Be patient until the police flashlight goes off if you spot them.


How To Play

  • Use WASD to move the stickman and jump to avoid falling into the hole.
  • Press C to change the box.

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