About Stickman Sniper 3

In the game Stickman Sniper 3, you take on the role of an army sniper with your assigned mission in an exciting combination of shooting and puzzle solving. It's time to call the best shooter, because the gun is ready to go!

To avoid losing his reputation among snipers, the stickman mercenary must complete all the instructions he has received. If you cannot do that, regaining and maintaining your reputation will be extremely difficult. Before starting the mission in Stickman Sniper 3, the requirements will be thoroughly agreed upon, starting with reading and ending with correctly eliminating the target. There are many different potential targets, including not only terrorists or criminals but also items, such as drones. Defining all your goals is necessary to advance in this exciting game.

Tips and Tricks

  • To ensure a successful shot, you should avoid shooting quickly and take your time to identify your target and line up your shot correctly.
  • Taking down multiple targets at once can be done using environmental components such as explosives.
  • It is recommended that you replay levels to refine your strategy.

How To Play

  • Drag the cursor to aim and distinguish the target.
  • Click to pull the trigger when you're ready.

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