About Zombie Parade Defense 6

Zombie Parade Defense 6 is back, and this time your mission is to defend yourself through ten distinct stages with dangerous enemies. You will receive support from the automatic volley gun placed on the highest point of the fort. By perfecting that weapon, you will be able to kill large numbers of zombies.

Since the game is designed so that harm to either player will result in loss of life, it is mandatory for two players to cooperate with each other to kill all zombies in a given level. This can be done by purchasing new weapons and upgrades, and using them to eliminate all waves of enemies. Check out some other games like Zombie Royale.ioZombie Treasure Adventure to experience all the fun!


How To Play

Player 1:

  • Use WASD keys to move
  • Press C to attack, V to get grenades
  • Q-E used to switch weapons.

Player 2:

  • Move with arrow keys
  • L attacks and the K key loads grenades
  • Switch weapons with the P key.
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